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Chris Lin Hoffmann

Chris Lin Hoffmann, M.S., MA., AuD.

Doctor of Audiology and Founder

Dr. Chris Hoffmann is passionate about helping people with their hearing and has been involved in hearing sciences for over 20 years. Her fascination with hearing emerged from her studies in biology and music as an undergraduate student at Cal Poly Luis Obispo where she obtained a B.S. in Biology and a Minor in Music. Her earlier endeavors were in scientific research of the auditory system for which she earned a M.S. in Physiological Sciences from UCLA. She later chose the path to become an audiologist so that she could help people personally with their hearing. She has a M.A. in Communicative Disorders from Cal State Long Beach and an Au.D. from the University of Florida. In addition to the academic training, Dr. Hoffmann has over 19 years of clinical experience in hearing testing, hearing aid fittings, and aural rehabilitation. She is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. In her spare time, she volunteers at her children's school, enjoys time with her family, and plays outdoors. She likes to run, hike, camp, rock climb, golf and kickbox. She also tries to squeeze in time for gardening, knitting, painting, and music.

Noel Hoffmann

Noel Hoffmann

Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser

Noel brings to the clinic 10 years of experience as a licensed hearing aid dispenser. His expertise is in hearing aid performance testing, programming, and maintenance and repair. He is experienced in ear impression techniques to create the best fitting custom hearing aids, swim plugs, musicians plugs, and noise protectors. Noel is especially skilled at problem solving and troubleshooting. His nickname in the clinic is "Macgyver". Prior to his work as a hearing instrument specialist, Noel was an emergency medical technician for 3 years and a cycling coach for 5 years. A fun fact is that Noel and Chris met while Noel was the coach of the UCLA cycling team and Chris was racing on that team. In his spare time, Noel enjoys reading, cycling, hiking, fishing, kickboxing, and teaching his two sons how to use tools in the garage.

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