"I recently visited my son in Costa Mesa and brought him to Dr. Hoffmann to diagnose a problem he’s been having with his hearing. His regular doctors had been unable to tell us what was wrong, and I just happened to call her to discuss doing an evaluation. Boy am I stumbled on this gem! Dr. Hoffmann was extremely thorough and knowledgeable. She walked us through every test and the result as she went, explaining everything she was doing and seeing. It was fascinating! We actually both enjoyed the whole process and learned so much! She quickly diagnosed his problem and patiently spent a great deal of time explaining it all! She clearly loves what she does and does it at the highest level of professionalism, experience and knowledge. I would recommend her to absolutely everyone with ANY hearing need! You will NOT be disappointed!"

- Stephanie B. in Costa Mesa, CA - Jan 11, 2019

“I am very pleased with the assistance I have received from Chris Hoffmann in adjusting my hearing aid -- this is the best I have heard in a very long time. She is professional, thorough, caring and cost-effective. I highly recommend her services.”

- Stuart W. in Irvine, CA - Nov 14, 2018

“I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Hoffmann recently when I decided to have an Audiologist test my hearing. She was very pleasant, exceptionally thorough and professional. She discovered a hearing loss and helped fit me with hearing aids for the first time. I wasn't happy about my hearing loss, but I felt so comfortable with Dr. Hoffmann, I decided to embrace the hearing aids as a way to make my life better, and they have. Plus they are practically invisible! I highly recommend Dr. Hoffmann!”

- Sharon R. in Irvine, CA – Nov 01, 2018

"I visited Dr. Chris Hoffmann recently, fully prepared to inform her that I really don’t need hearing aids. She concurred that my loss is not substantial at this time, however, correctly and clearly, explained to me the advantages of getting my brain ear connection accustomed to hearing aids before my loss becomes acute and to the condition to where the brain starts to mistake one word for another in the hearing process. I am grateful to her for her straightforward approach. She is now my audiologist."

- Hugh C. in Yorba Linda, CA – Dec 5, 2018

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