"Finding a good, knowledgeable audiologist has been a challenge for me. However, I decided to go outside network and found Hoffman Audiology. Dr Hoffman is the best one I've had thus far and I've had hearing loss/aids nearly my whole life. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, kind, patient and really takes the time to listen and explain everything. I certainly recommend her as the 1:1 patient care and attention to detail is exceptional!"

- Leah C. in Irvine, CA - Sep 23, 2020

“I had an issue with a family members hearing aid, and Dr. Hoffmann went above and beyond with assisting me, despite us not being a patient of hers. She contacted the hearing aid company and contacted me back, even after it was established I needed to seek out the original business where the hearing aid was obtained/purchased from. Thank you Dr. Hoffmann, for providing excellent service to non-customers, with what I'm certain, even higher level of care to actual customers. Thank you!”

- Gaurang R. in Orange, CA - Jan 6, 2021

“Dr. Hoffmann delivered exceptional service from the beginning to end and she is absolutely amazing! She was extremely thorough when she explained my test results from the initial hearing assessment which made me understand my hearing loss situation much better. She also took the time to discuss each brand/product in-depth with me after she provided hearing aid recommendations. Because of her, I am now using hearing aids that fit my lifestyle and they are so life changing!! The most awesome part was when she reached out to me when she found out there was a newer model coming out and asked if I would like those instead for the same price as the one that I had originally selected. She is truly so sweet and kind. I would definitely recommend Dr. Hoffmann as your Audiologist!”

- Victoria N. in Irvine, CA - May 20, 2021

"What a wonderful experience! Dr. Chris Hoffmann is caring, knowledgeable and very good at communicating. I had a bad experience when trying to get my ears cleaned at the doctor. Hoffmann examined them with equipment far more advanced and was able to clean out impacted wax without making a mess or causing any pain. I am going to return every year."

- Edward P. in Laguna Hills, CA - Dec 08, 2021

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