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Hoffmann Audiology is one of the most trusted centers in Irvine for hearing aid troubleshooting and repair services. We work closely with all major hearing aid manufacturers to help you with all types of hearing aid performance issues and damage. At our clinic, you will meet Dr. Chris Hoffmann, our audiologist and hearing aid consultant, who will evaluate the extent of required repairs and recommend what kind of repair services are necessary. Also, we have our licensed hearing aid dispenser, Noel Hoffmann, with over 10 years of experience in hearing aid testing, programming, maintenance, and repair to help you get your hearing aid working properly.

When Will Your Hearing Aid Need Professional Repair Service

Generally, a hearing aid can last 3 to 7 years, depending on its type and style. This does not mean that you will not experience any issues with your hearing aid until that time. A hearing aid can occasionally fail or have minor performance issues because of many reasons such as exposure to excess debris (ear wax), moisture or heat, etc.

If you have any issues with the performance of your hearing aids, you should start with checking for any battery issues or debris (ear wax) blockage in the ear mold or the receiver port.

  • Make sure there is a functioning battery in the battery compartment and that it’s positioned correctly. If there is any sign of corrosion on the battery, replacing it with a new battery should revive your hearing aid.
  • To confirm that the battery has power, either check it in a battery tester or do the following: Place the hearing aid in your hand and make a little chamber by cupping your hand around it. If your hearing aid squeals, then it has power, and most likely, it’s working. If it makes no sound, it would mean that either your battery is dead and it needs replacement, or there is debris in the ear-mold or in the receiver port, which then needs to be cleaned.

Your hearing aid may need professional repair service if:

At Hoffmann Audiology, we can help you with the initial troubleshooting of your hearing aids and fixing it in-house. If it can’t be fixed in-house, we will serve as a liaison between you and the hearing aid manufacturer to help you get your hearing aids repaired at the manufacturer’s lab.

At-Home Maintenance Tips for Your Hearing Aids

By following a few easy steps at home, you can extend the life of your hearing aids. Here’s how to keep your hearing aids working their best:

At Hoffmann Audiology, we can repair or find the best solution for your damaged or non-functioning hearing aids. Call us at 949-536-5180 to schedule an appointment with our audiologist to find out what options are available to get your hearing aids working again.

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