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Hoffmann Audiology is a trusted hearing aid center in Irvine that provides the best hearing aid recommendations and assistance to improve your hearing. We have helped hundreds of hearing aid patients from nearby areas, including Costa Mesa, Tustin, Santa Ana, Fountain Valley, and Anaheim.

Our team includes Dr. Chris Hoffmann – a licensed hearing care professional and Noel Hoffmann – a licensed hearing aid dispenser. We will help you find the ideal hearing aids to meet your hearing requirements and lifestyle. Our excellence and expertise in programming custom-fit hearing aids enable us to provide a personalized hearing experience for our patients.

At our hearing aid clinic, we make every possible effort to provide hearing aids that positively impact your hearing health and provide the latest hearing technology.

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Hearing Aid Types and Brands Available with Us

Hearing aids have undergone a tremendous evolution in technology, features, and functionalities. Modern hearing aids can be digital, wireless, and even invisible (completely inside the ear canal). Hearing aids also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, broadly categorized as Behind-the-Ear (BTE) and In-the-Ear (ITE) options. Learn more: Hearing aid types.

As a distinguished audiology practice, we work in collaboration with all major hearing aid brands to provide you with extremely personalized hearing aid solutions custom-made to fit your unique needs. Here are the major hearing aid brands we work with:

Whether you want a hearing aid that can connect with your smartphone and smart TV, or are looking for a more affordable option that can proficiently perform the basic tasks, we have them all for you!

Expect Unmatched Audiology Expertise in Hearing Aid Recommendation and Selection

Not all hearing aids are designed to overcome every type of hearing issue. For example, you may have hearing loss coupled with continuous buzzing or ringing in your ears (symptoms of tinnitus). In that case, you may need a hearing aid that also has tinnitus therapy features. This is why it is important to get hearing aids from a hearing aid specialist rather than buying one over the counter or mail-order.

Our audiologist, Dr. Chris Hoffmann, has 15 years of clinical experience in diagnostic hearing evaluation, hearing aid fitting, and aural rehabilitation. She has a Master’s degree in Communicative Disorders from Cal State Long Beach and a Doctorate of Audiology from the University of Florida. Dr. Hoffmann will help you select the best hearing aids to help overcome your hearing difficulties and enhance the quality of your life.

Here is the process of getting hearing aids from Hoffmann Audiology in Irvine, CA:

Dr. Hoffmann will be with you through every phase of your hearing aid selection process to ensure that you have the best possible results and exceptional hearing experience.

Why Hoffmann Audiology for Your Hearing Aid Needs

Dr. Chris Hoffmann and Noel Hoffmann are a wife and husband team of an audiologist and a licensed hearing aid dispenser. Both make it possible for patients to get flawless and on-point hearing care assistance and customized hearing aids under one roof. With our teamwork, we can ensure that you get the hearing aids that are best suited to your hearing loss and hearing needs.

To learn more about hearing aid options available with us, please call us at 949-536-5180 or click on the button below to schedule an appointment online.

What Our Patients Say About Us

“I visited Dr. Chris Hoffmann recently, fully prepared to inform her that I really don’t need hearing aids. She concurred that my loss is not substantial at this time, however, correctly and clearly, explained to me the advantages of getting my brain ear connection accustomed to hearing aids before my loss becomes acute and to the condition to where the brain starts to mistake one word for another in the hearing process. I am grateful to her for her straightforward approach. She is now my audiologist.”

Hugh C., Yorba Linda, CA

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