Diagnostic Hearing Test Center in Irvine

Hoffmann Audiology is a trusted center for diagnostic hearing evaluations in Irvine. We also serve the residents of surrounding areas including Tustin, Costa Mesa, and Lake Forest. Dr. Chris Hoffmann, our licensed hearing care professional, determines your hearing requirements by providing a full diagnostic audiological evaluation and consultation. We are committed to providing the highest quality hearing care to our patients.

Our hearing test accurately determines the type and degree of hearing loss you may have. Based on your hearing testing results, we will recommend appropriate treatments and hearing aids that can help overcome your hearing loss. Our hearing aid dispenser has years of experience and professionalism in creating custom-fitting ear molds and performing hearing aid testing, programming, maintenance and repair.

When Do You Need a Hearing Test?

Hearing loss develops slowly over time, so you may not know that you have a problem. You can take a simple self-test for hearing loss if you suspect you might have hearing loss.

It is a good idea to have audiology testing at regular intervals even if you do not have any problems or hearing loss. A hearing test is recommended if you:

Types of Hearing Tests We Perform

During the hearing check at our Hearing Clinic in Irvine, we may perform the following tests to assess the function of your auditory system.

We perform otoscopy and, if required, tympanometry to help determine the health of the ear canal, eardrum, middle ear, and Eustachian tubes. All of these test results help Dr. Hoffmann understand your hearing loss and to recommend the best hearing aids to give you the best possible hearing.

What to Expect During the Audiological Evaluation

The whole process takes about 30 minutes. You are encouraged to ask questions and discuss and review your test results with Dr. Hoffmann. If the results reveal that you would benefit from hearing aids, you can discuss your options with Dr. Hoffmann. She will recommend hearing aids based on your preferences, hearing ability, lifestyle, and budget.

We ensure exceptional results and the highest standard of hearing care for our patients. Our experience and excellence in hearing care enable us to deliver the results you desire.

If you are looking for a trusted hearing test center near you, contact us at 949-536-5180 to schedule a diagnostic audiological evaluation with Dr. Hoffmann.

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