Choosing Hoffmann Audiology means you benefit from a caring and experienced team of professionals dedicated to helping you with all aspect of your hearing - from conservation to rehabilitation. Your ears and their connection to your brain is a complex and fascinating system. At Hoffmann Audiology, we celebrate the sense of hearing and balance that our ears provide in everything that we do.

During your first visit, our audiologist Dr. Chris Hoffmann will spend time getting to know you and to learn about your concerns. She will gather pertinent history about your hearing and general health. Then she will take a look inside your ears using video otoscopy. You will be able to view your ear canals on the computer monitor as she reviews the image with you.

If you have scheduled a hearing test, Dr. Hoffmann will test your hearing ability inside a sound-isolated room. The test takes about 30 minutes. She may also perform other tests in addition to a hearing test to diagnose specific issues with your ears. She will then review all of the test results with you and discuss options to address your concerns.

First Visit

If you have already had your hearing tested and your appointment is for hearing aids, Dr. Hoffmann will do testing specific for hearing aid recommendation and fitting. She has vast experience fitting hearing aids from all major manufacturers and will help you select appropriate devices to best meet your needs and your budget. Or if you already have hearing aids, you may have them reprogrammed and fine-tuned so that they are optimized for your current hearing.

Your first visit with Hoffmann Audiology is sure to be a positive and informative experience. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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